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Our Story

Real Reggae Radio was born in 2008 when Sammy Sybblis — of Toronto, Canada — started toying around with ideas of putting a website together. He suggested the idea to a friend and they came up with the name Elegant Now, why Elegant Now? Because they had some interests in selling lingerie and producing fashion shows to promote products that they were selling. He was not satisfied so he decided to start an internet radio station.

Once again Sammy put his ideas to work, he thought it was a crazy venture but did it anyway. In the beginning he named it Roots Rock Radio but then decided that the name was not very appealing, so he decided on the name Real Reggae Radio and that was the beginning of a kingdom where music lives.

With some promotion and marketing, Sammy and Real Reggae Radio evolved from one listener (Sammy) to thousands of listeners in a short period of time. He strengthened the business by adding Judy British to use her expertise to develop the station. The staff has grown and the station now produces a beautiful mix of music for lovers of Reggae music all over the world to enjoy.

RealReggaeRadio.com uses the World Wide Web to connect music lovers across the globe from Canada, Jamaica, other Caribbean islands, UK, USA, the Netherlands New Zealand, India and Dubai. RealReggaeRadio.com gives you the best in Reggae, Ska, Dancehall, Rock Steady, Lovers Rock, Foundation, Culture, Soca, and Calypso.

Real Reggae Radio has established itself as a music channel for positive and uplifting music.  Sammy and his team have advanced the business as a licensed entity with an established board of directors to oversee the company’s operations.

For the past four years Real Reggae Radio has been hosting the annual “Feeding the Less Fortunate” at Christmas or on Thanksgiving Day. They have successfully served meals to over 500 needy persons in Toronto to date.

“It’s always a pleasure when you can actually put a smile on someone’s face during their time of need,” said Judy British, president of Real Reggae Radio.

Listeners of Real Reggae Radio have commended the station for the wonderful music that they are entertained with daily. They also encourage the staff of Real Reggae Radio to continue helping the needy.

Next Steps…

Building our brand and making new connections.

Meet the Team

President/Founder – DJ. Sammy

A team of DJs, engineers, various administrative staff,  6IXCityapparel CEO – Founder and creative Director Tenniece Leung and Anthony Burton.

Mr. Burton offers an array of musical engineering/Beats creation services.